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07 Dec 2021 Update: Russia deploys Bastion coastal defence system at new military facility in disputed Kuril Islands
06 Dec 2021 Russia deploys Bastion coastal defence system at new military facility in disputed Kuril Islands
01 Dec 2021 Japanese MoD calls on USFJ to ground F-16s
22 Nov 2021 Australia, Japan mark new level of naval interoperability in JMSDF escort mission
18 Nov 2021 Japan deploys submarine and P-1 in ASW drills with US for first time
17 Nov 2021 GDLS withdraws from Japan's Type 96 replacement programme, says ATLA
10 Nov 2021 Tokyo retracts claim North Korea test-launched two ballistic missiles on 19 October
09 Nov 2021 German frigate to help monitor enforcement of UN resolutions against North Korea
29 Oct 2021 Japan takes delivery of first KC-46A tanker aircraft
27 Oct 2021 Chinese, Russian navies conclude first joint patrols in Western Pacific
25 Oct 2021 Japan launches first of two new 4,900-tonne oil tankers for JMSDF
19 Oct 2021 Japan spots Chinese and Russian warships sailing through the Tsugaru Strait for the first time
19 Oct 2021 North Korea test-launches at least one possible SLBM
18 Oct 2021 Japan's LDP vows to double defence spending amid ‘increasingly severe security environment'
15 Oct 2021 Number of JASDF scrambles increases 5.1% in first half of FY 2021/22
15 Oct 2021 Japan launches second Taigei-class submarine for JMSDF
05 Oct 2021 Two USMC F-35Bs conduct take-offs, landings from JS Izumo
28 Sep 2021 ATLA receives two prototypes of upgraded variant of SH-60K naval helicopter
13 Sep 2021 Japan detects suspected Chinese submarine near southern island
02 Sep 2021 Japan to deploy anti-ship missile unit to Okinawa Island
31 Aug 2021 Japan requests USD50 billion defence budget for 2022
05 Aug 2021 Japan scraps plans to integrate its F-15 fighters with LRASM
05 Aug 2021 US State Department approves sale to Japan of additional RIM-116C missiles
03 Aug 2021 Tokyo aiming to deploy EW unit to Yonaguni Island in Okinawa Prefecture
26 Jul 2021 JGSDF's 103rd Squadron retires its final CH-47J
21 Jul 2021 UK to permanently assign two OPVs to Indo-Pacific region
19 Jul 2021 MHI to supply equipment aimed at detecting electromagnetic interference with Japanese satellites
19 Jul 2021 Japan's ATLA reveals more details about next-gen OPV plans
16 Jul 2021 Japan to operate F-35Bs from air base near remote southwestern islands
15 Jul 2021 Japan, UK to conduct joint research on chemical and biological protection technology
13 Jul 2021 Japanese defence white paper highlights importance of ‘Taiwanese stability' for Tokyo
07 Jul 2021 Number of Chinese vessels entering contiguous zone of disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands reached record level in first half of 2021
06 Jul 2021 Japan's deputy PM eyes possibility of Tokyo joining US in defending Taiwan
25 Jun 2021 Japan completes development of UH-2 multirole helicopter for JGSDF
22 Jun 2021 Japan's MHI launches third Mogami-class multirole frigate for JMSDF
21 Jun 2021 Japan to equip Aegis Ashore replacements with AN/SPY-7 SSRs
14 Jun 2021 JMSDF tests new torpedo system in Kagoshima
09 Jun 2021 Japan agrees to protect Australian Defence Force assets
03 Jun 2021 Update: Japan plans to also operate F-35A fighters from Komatsu Air Base
19 May 2021 Japan aims to develop modular hybrid electric vehicle for JGSDF
12 May 2021 MHI conducts first test flight of upgraded variant of SH-60K naval helicopter
12 Apr 2021 Number of JASDF scrambles drops 23% in FY 2020/21
07 Apr 2021 Japan postpones plans to integrate its F-15 fighters with stand-off missiles
06 Apr 2021 Japan mulls operating F-35Bs from JASDF base near remote southwestern islands
30 Mar 2021 MHI, Thales to collaborate on sonar technologies for use on MCM AUVs
30 Mar 2021 JGSDF forms new EW unit to defend Japan’s southern remote islands
29 Mar 2021 Tokyo urged to increasingly focus on high-power microwave- and laser-based weapons
29 Mar 2021 MHI to take over Mitsui E&S’s shipbuilding business
25 Mar 2021 North Korea resumes ballistic missile launches after one-year hiatus
24 Mar 2021 Japan commissions 12th and final Soryu-class diesel-electric attack submarine
19 Mar 2021 JMSDF commissions second Maya-class guided-missile destroyer
16 Mar 2021 Japan commissions third Awaji-class minesweeper
16 Mar 2021 Japan ‘resolved’ to enhance its defence capabilities and deepen alliance with US
04 Mar 2021 Japan commissions third Hibiki-class ocean surveillance ship
03 Mar 2021 Japan’s MHI launches second 3,900 tonne-class multirole frigate for JMSDF
26 Feb 2021 JGSDF receives third MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft
22 Feb 2021 Japan signs USD57.6 million contract for 51 upgraded RIM-116C missiles
22 Feb 2021 JASDF lieutenant and USAF instructor die in USAF T-38 crash
18 Feb 2021 Japan, US agree to maintain cost of HNS agreement for a year
17 Feb 2021 JSDF to acquire four transport vessels to defend remote islands
11 Feb 2021 Japan signs USD287 million contract for SM-3 Block IIA interceptor missiles
10 Feb 2021 KHI to develop EW aircraft for JASDF with stand-off jamming capability
08 Feb 2021 JMSDF submarine collides with commercial vessel off Kochi, three injured
04 Feb 2021 Japan, UK agree to enhance security co-operation in Indo-Pacific region
15 Jan 2021 North Korea unveils Pukguksong-5 SLBM at military parade
12 Jan 2021 Japan plans to deploy unmanned fighters as early as 2035
04 Jan 2021 Japan to begin mass production of new ASM-3A supersonic anti-ship missile
04 Jan 2021 Frequency of Chinese vessels entering contiguous zone of disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands reached record level in 2020






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